Leather in history

Iranians with the three-thousand-year history are the first and the oldest producers of leather in the world. The ancient remnants of the BC era indicate that Iranians used skins for clothing, footwear and weapons from about 1500 BC, but since 550 BC, they used leather for clothes and armor.

Leather in Iran

The first Iranian leather factory was built in Tabriz in 1308, after that factories were established in Hamedan, Tehran, Isfahan and some other cities, so that in 1337, twenty two factories were working in Iran.

Leather usage

The use of Iranian leather goods in the bags and footwear, the clothing, the furniture, and the sports industry and even car interior equipment is very wide.

Iranian leather goods

In the shade of Iranian art…

Iranian art shines in all parts of the production and it is at the head of the arts.

  • Handmade bags (women’s, men’s and pocket)
  • Industrial bags
  • Engraved bags
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Belt
  • Packages
  • Car leather goods
  • Leather of furniture
  • Leather of footwear and shoes
  • & …

Genuine Leather Types in Iran

iran leather bag

Light leather


Semi-heavy leather


Heavy leather

Genuine Leather Types in Iran

genuine leather production, despite problems and obstacles on the way, continues to be of particular interest. In the leather industry, it is divided into three categories, which will be followed by a brief overview.

Iranian leather exports

For many years, Iranian leather was considered as one of the most important export commodities to similar markets. Low price and high quality can be considered as the most important features of Iranian leather goods, which is very attractive for foreign purchasers.

  • Light leather

    Leather is made from animal skins such as sheep, goat, kid and lamb. The light leather that is obtained from the skin of these animals is thin and delicate and has low fiber density. It is also very suitable for producing small bags, clothes, jackets, coats, gloves and the thinner and lower quality is also used for the production of lining bags and shoes.

  • Semi-heavy leather

    Leather which is made from ostrich skins is semi- heavy leather. The density of the fiber is higher than light leather, therefore has a higher thickness. This leather has a high price, then it is used to make products that are decorative or luxurious.

  • Heavy leather

    Leather is made from animal skins such as cattle, buffalo, calves, camels and so on. The leather has the most dense fibers, so they have high strength. Such leather is used in the production of all kinds of leather bags, coats, belts, insole and outsole of shoes and bag, boots, industrial equipment belts, office and home furniture, insulating and soundproof doors and walls.

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